Kilimanjaro Safari in May closing time

We can’t seem to find this. When does KS close in May? We are trying to figure out if KS will be open after 7:00, when we arrive for our DAH event. It seems like it closes based more on sunset. But nothing says for sure that I can find.

When we were there in May it was far later than 7, they run it after dark. It’s too rough for me so the family rode it while I watched Rivers of Light. I left the show a little early and met up with them to watch the last few minutes of Awakenings on the Tree of Life. The park closed at 10, so they must have run KS until at least 9.

They have only loaded the times through the end of February but even at that time it is until 7.

You can see past Times Guides here by using their search function for something like “Times Guides 2018”. I looked at a couple of them for mid-May, and KS was open until “park close” which varied from 9:30-10:00-10:30 pm.

Of course, what they did in the past may not be what they do this time.

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Nice tip! Thanks.

We’re hopeful we’ll be able to get in KS right after we arrive for DAH…otherwise, we’re not ensure sure why we’d bother showing up at 7:00! :slight_smile: