Kilamonjaro Safari at 7PM or 9PM

I currently have an FPP for KS, and my touring plan shows us using it at 7PM. This will be on May 17… I could switch it for a 9PM FPP. Which would you pick-- a KS at dusk or a KS at night? Sunset is 8:10 that night.

My vote would be for dusk. I have only been once after dark and it was a bit of a letdown. I’ve got multiple times at dusk and the animals seem to be more active and are much easier to spot.


7pm. People seem generally disappointed with night safaris.

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7pm. Night safari is boring in that setting. The special paid for ones are different. But KS at night is not impressive

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Go at dusk. The animals are active at that time. We have seen many more animals at dusk than during the day including the lions who were actually moving around and roaring.
The nighttime safari is not that impressive and it’s hard to see.

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Get the 7 pm FP, you might be able to get on later with a short wait if you want to do a night one.

We can never get enough of the safari and ride it multiple times each day we are at AK.