Kiester Coaster at Luna Park Pool

Ok peeps, I haven’t been in a feel-good Disney mood for a couple of days since all I keep hearing about are the increased crowds, decreased value, etc. Now I find out on chat that the slide at the Boardwalk pool is going to be closed for our trip! With literally 30 days notice! I’m pretty livid.

No personal notice to me, they just dropped the little red notification on the page.

For my DS4, the slide IS the pool. We booked BWV for the walk to the two parks, plus honestly he is really excited about the Roller Coaster pool. With the reduced park hours and crowded Disney Springs, I definitely planned a TON of pool time. What do I do? Do I switch hotels? Do people think they will let us go to the Beach club pool instead? I am beyond frustrated with Disney right now.

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That sucks. Sorry. Wish I had words of wisdom on what to do. :disappointed:


I would call and see if you can switch to Beach Club.

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I would call as well and have them switch you to the Beach Club.

Oh you’ve got to be kidding. We are there Oct 10-18. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Yea I would call see if you can switch, I’d call today! I’m sure other people are bummed by this too! Was it points or through Disney?

It’s points… :sob:…that I rented…:sob:…4 nights are available at Beach Club but not our first night. Maybe we do a triple split stay lol. (It’s already a split with BRV.)

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We are in the exact same boat except all 8 nights are at BW. Rented points. Trying not to cry.

honestly if it is important to you, and you are able to move-- go for it.

Oooooh no! I’m so sorry. I really can’t believe Disney is doing this with no notice. I used the chat feature online to ask if we would be allowed to use Stormalong Bay and they said no because the pool itself is still open. But my son really just wants to go up and down the slide 100 times. My DH wants to do the triple split stay!


I think it could be fun! Explore all 3!

I think you should go for it!

I recall a trip report recently where they said you can book a cabana at Contemporary or GF even if you are not a guest there, as long as you are staying on site. Maybe there’s a slide at one of those hotels that would be worth going to?

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I second this. It will be a pain logistically, but it sounds like the slide is a pretty vital part of your activity list.

One of the major things that differentiates a deluxe from a value is the water slide at the pool. Just saying that the pool is open is like saying, “Well, you can hop over and use the pool at Pop Century of you want instead.”

I find this ridiculous. They need to accommodate guests somehow.


1000% agreed!

It looks like there is availability for me to switch to the Beach Club so I think we are going to do that. We actually prefer the theming at the Boardwalk (the Dumbo bed is so freaking cute) since we spend a lot of time on actual Cape Cod. But we’re actually getting excited about Stormalong Bay! Now I just have to wait 2 hours until the lady I’m renting from is able to book. I hope the nights stay open!


DS11 said the slide at CR is exactly the same as the one at WL, only without any theming or structure/tunnel around it. They just plopped it down. He wasn’t impressed after being at WL.

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Well that’s lame!

Good luck! Hoping it works out.

Oh so lucky!!! Keep your fingers crossed for things to open up for us too please!! Even if just a few days! My kids are so sad.

I think the Saturday night is gone now :frowning:

When are you going? There definitely is sporadic chunks of availability!