Kids using dining credits

I’m wondering if my parents (who are NOT on the dining plan) take my kids (ON the DDP) to breakfast would the kids be able to use their bands to pay for their meals using their TS credits while my parents pay OOP for their own meals? Or would I need to be there in order to “authorize” the kids using their credits?

As long as they know the pin they should be fine I think.

Someone would need to know the PIN to use the dining credits. But otherwise the plan will work.

I would drop by the front desk and make sure the kids bands are authorised to use the dining credits; that may mean allowing them to charge too - but you can set a limit or just not tell them the PIN (tell Grandma instead). And you can always “unauthorise” them afterwards!

Or you could treat your parents / in-laws to a meal using the credits. Same thing, someone needs to know the PIN.

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