Kids under 10 riding together

TL;DR - can my 4yo ride something with a 7 or 9 yo?

Going with extended family in January, DSIL has 3 kids DS5, DD7, DD9. She watched my DS4 every day for the first 18 months of his life, so he’s like a son to her and a brother to her kids, they’re very close. When we visit our local park, they all fight over who gets to ride with my son, and I know this will happen at disney too. So, what are they allowed to ride together if there are only 2 seats? An adult would be on thebride also, but for context there are 4 adults and 6 kids on this trip, one being too small for most things so we’ll need an adult to sit out with her also. On something like mine train, could DS4 sit with his 9yo or 7yo cousin, with an adult right behind them? Or should we prep them now for no rides together? If they cant ride together, how do we get all the kids on then ride since there’s only 3 adults at any given time? I know r/s only lets the person waiting take one other person with them, which still leaves out 1 kid. Help!

As long as an adult is nearby on the ride (row behind for us usually), our younger two were able to ride together in a 2 person seat at those ages.

Tea Cups and Race Track wouldn’t allow my 13 y/o to take his 3 y/o cousin on alone. Both ride CMs said the toddler had to be accompanied by a >14 y/o. They asked the 13 y/o his age. Both times an adult in our group got on w/ the kids so they could ride. The adult had to ride w/ 3 y/o in race car. This was last Sun 12/4

WDW policy is under 7 must ride with someone 14 or older. In practice I have been able to ride behind my 6 and 9 year old in the row right behind them. I have also had to change rows and ride with the 6 year old while the 9 year old rode alone.


Your 4 year old and the 5 year old will have to sit with an adult, no doubt about it… they’re not even close to 7. Sometimes they can share an adult if the ride seats 3, but that shouldn’t an issue because both the 7 and 9 year olds can ride alone, or together.

Since you have a tiny one who won’t be riding things, any ride where they can’t ride you can use the child swap system… you let the CM at the entrance know that they’re waiting it out with the baby and then when everyone else is finished they’ll get to take one person and go through the LL line. That means 1 kid could ride twice. I’ve done a lottery before for that, where I put the bigger kids’ names in a hat and the first name got first choice of which ride they wanted to do twice, and so on.