Kids run Disney Transportation

I’m running all 3 races Fairytale weekend. My daughter is doing the kid race on Saturday. It’s my understanding that there’s no bus directly from Epcot to ESPN. 1- is that correct? 2- what Disney Transportation would be the fastest? Bus to resort and then bus to ESPN? Walk to resort and then bus to ESPN? I know Uber/lyft would be faster and is possibly an option but trying to decide on a plan. We aren’t doing a park Saturday so I’m assuming I can’t use the international gateway bridge for walking.

There should be race-specific buses for ESPN - people only running the half will need to go to packet pickup, after all.

Unless time is tight for you (doubtful, IMO), I would head back to your resort after the 10k (which should have you done by 8 or so, given the time requirement), and then over to WWoS.

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Thank you!!! Have you seen the kid’s races before? Debating about costume ideas.

My youngest did one of them at Disneyland when she was 6. I really haven’t been to them since.

As the races aren’t super long, as long as your DD has enough room to move, I would go ahead an let her wear whatever she wants, excepting that you will require her to wear socks and sneakers. :slight_smile:

I would also ask her what she wants to wear for her race. She may have an opinion. :slight_smile:

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She wants to wear a mermaid tail “cause Ariel has red hair like her.” :joy:
However you’ve inspired me to ask again and rephrase the question… will let you know.

She’s pretty excited to “race like mommy”!!

Thank you for your help!!! I’m reading through your Dopey trip. I’m enjoying it!!


perhaps she could wear some mermaid-scale tights or skirt?

There were certainly several dozen Ariel costumes/cosplays/Disney bounds every day of the Dopey. Including mine for the half!


Sparkle Running Costume Skirt Race Tutu, Costume, Princess, Ballet, Dress-Up, 5K (M (One Size for Kids), Ariel Little Mermaid)

So cute!!!

At the risk of seeming like a permanent evangelist… SparkleSkirts does make a line of kids’ skirts called TwinkleSkirts.

Your DD might find this one appealing.

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I never thought to look for them… I love it!!!

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