Kids playing in the pool in early November

Is it warm enough for waterparks and/or regular beach in Orlando, or even hotel pools in early November?

Looking for recommendation on the better pools for a 7-12 y.o. at [reasonably priced] hotels. Or pools at fancier hotels where one can use the pool without staying at the hotel, possibly for a fee.

I’m almost 100% sure that Disney pools are heated. They water will still be warm but you may want to bring a robe or extra towel for the jaunt back to the room in case the ambient temperature is cool. I also know that the Disney waterparks alternate their refurbishment during the cooler months so you will likely only have 1 to choose from.

All heated … think I read somewhere to 28deg centigrade all year round … we are there end of October till November 11th and I’ve planned in loads of pool time for the kids :+1:t2:

Disney pools are heated but you can only use your own hotels pool. Whether it will be hot enough for sunbathing is different every year and no one can predict that. If you’re staying at a universal hotel you can use any of their pools

Pools is no problem most years in early November. Even if its cold, the pools are heated so while in the water it is plenty warm. Sometimes getting out can be rough until you get dry. Water parks are a little tougher if it’s cool as you’ll be exposed for longer between slides etc. and likely not have the ability to completely dry quickly. My guess is most year’s you’ll have some days (if not most) that will be great for the water park, but it could be tougher to schedule if you’re not somewhat flexible as to the weather if there would be a cool spell then this year…

The best pool on property is generally considered to be Stormalong Bay which is shared by Beach Club/Yacht Club, but most people don’t consider those reasonably priced. I’d likely recommend Port Orleans French Quarter as a nice pool at a Moderate resort. You can also access PORS pools as well, although personally I prefer the POFQ resort and pool, but it does allow changing it up one day and either walking over or hopping the boat for a different pool experience…

Stay away from a Disney hotel if you want a reasonably priced hotel. You did not mention wanting to stay on Disney property. I have no experience staying off site of Disney property. If you want a hotel with a beach I am unaware of one near Orlando.

If you want to stay at Disney Coronado and Port New Orleans Riverside would be decent pools for the 7-12 age bracket. The price can hover around around $250 give or take. You cannot pay a fee to swim at a different Disney hotel. I have not stayed off-site but from what I have researched there are hotels near Disney that are cheaper and have better pools. There are youtube videos out there where you can see the pools.

We went last year at the beginning of November and we swam everyday! I heard the Hilton Palace has a really nice pool if you want to stay offsite. The pool at POR was awesome.

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