Kid's Menu?


Are tweens (age 12 and 13) allowed to order off the kids menu? There are several places that we are eating (table service) where the pricing is a bit higher than usual and I know the kids won't get close to finishing their meal. Will they be allowed to order off the kids menu or is Disney pretty strict about 9 and under?


We were told that my kids (age 13 and 11 at the time) could order adult portions of anything off the kids menu if they wanted that instead, but we were using DDP credits and 10 and up have to use adult TS credits. I'm sure if you are paying oop though, they could order a kids meal.


That would be good. I don't even mind paying the full price....I just don't want them to have to order something "adultish" when they don't want it and just want mac n cheese. LOL!


Disney doesn't publicize this, so it's hard to figure out where it's offered, but they do have an unofficial option for kids who are between the children's menu and the adult menu. It does vary from the adult portions of anything off the kids menu (as momfourmonkeys said) to times when my kids were given an actual printed menu (which of course I never kept).

On our last trip, we paid oop and never had an issue with our picky eater (then aged 13) being accommodated with a meal that she liked. The other thing I really appreciate is that we have never been hassled about the kids' ages. My youngest is 12 years old and 5'11" and the only person at Disney who ever hassled him about his age was a tram conductor who saw him with a Happy Birthday button, asked how old he was, and then teased him about it on the ride back to the parking lot (which he loved). All the waitstaff accepted that he was the age we said he was, and let him order off whichever menu he wanted - children's, adult, or the "secret tween menu". That in and of itself was a relief for tall kids who are constantly mistaken for being older, or for trying to get away with something they are too old to enjoy.