Kids menu Items Question- steakhouse 71

Just curious if anyone has ordered “off menu” for their kids at the new Steakhouse 71,
It doesn’t appear to have the standard nuggets/mac and cheese/pizza options.


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Also, do the swan/dolphin restaurants take reservations?

We did! We got plain noodles for our kids I think? Let me check my trip report. They were definitely accommodating.

Yes most of the Swan/Dolphin restaurants are on Open Table. Do you have the Swan/Dolphin app?

Yep! Plain noodles. They didn’t even have anything with noodles on the menu except maybe pasta salad or something? Very accommodating. Kids loved it. (My adventurous child - the 2-year-old - had a hamburger.)

No idea there was an app! But I do have open table!

Not sure I want to pull the trigger on a red there just yet, but DD could potentially eat the steak. But knowing they will accommodate us helpful!!

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Kiminos is not on OpenTable but there is a number for reservations in the Swan/Dolphin app. I like the app since it allows you to keep track of the hours and days the restaurants are open.

Oh! I checked yesterday for DS restaurants and Open Table was booking up to around February 13th. I am looking for the 20th so I jumped from the 13th to the 20th in my check (don’t know about the 14-19th).

Thanks for the info. I ended up booking Big river grill on the boardwalk for our first night. You can’t beat burgers, nachos and beer after a long day at HS