Kids menu/Chefs de france

So, I would really like to have a meal at Chefs de France next trip. However, my DD7 didn’t like her noodles when we went this past year. Has anyone ever had any luck getting a child something not on the kids menu? She eats steak but not hamburgers. Otherwise, I might just book coral reef which I am not as excited about, but would give her better choices. : )

I found this when searching for reviews of Chefs de France, so I’m bumping it in a shameless attempt to get some info.

We really enjoyed Chef’s De France last May. We were a few minutes late, but were seated quickly. We could see the fountain outside the window and watched as the skies unleashed a downpour. Talk about timing!! They immediately brought us water (without asking) and warm french baguettes. The waitress was very helpful with ordering drinks to maximize our dining plan credits. At the time my DD6 did not like steak so she ordered butter noodles and ate maybe 2 noodles! The two teens, my dh and myself all ordered various steaks and everyone else was pleased with their food. If I remember correctly, everybody finished their main course (except the picky eater). My teens had the swan pastry for dessert, they practically licked the plate clean, my dd had a chocolate chip cookie, and I cannot remember what my dh had. I ordered the creme brulee and loved it. It was very relaxed and we never felt rushed or crowded.

I want to go back so bad! My daughter now likes steak and I would feel bad if she couldn’t order one. Maybe we would just share?

Anyways, I hope this helps you out @missoverexcited!

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It really does, thank you! I booked it on Sunday but I still wasn’t sure if it was going to suit us but it sounds great!

Oh! I hope you enjoy it! I also posted a few pics on Instagram for you. I couldn’t figure out how to do it on the forum.

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I saw them, thanks so much. I’m excited for it now!