Kids in Bars

Are kids allowed in the bar areas, like Nomad Lounge? Travelling over from the UK with a 7 and 15 year old this Summer and not quite sure of the protocol when it comes to

Yes they are allowed in most bars. Possibly not Trader Sams and I don’t think in Jellyrolls. Pretty sure it’s just those two. Otherwise they can go in them all. It’s Disney! It’s family friendly.

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I think some have a “no kids at the bar” rule after a certain time. For example I’m sure I read somewhere that Trader Sam’s allows kids in but after 8pm they are not allowed to sit up at the bar…?

Jelly rolls is 21+, as is Atlantic Dance Hall.

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Thanks guys!

Correct on Jellyrolls and ADC. No kids allowed in the “inside” Trader’s after 8:00; I don’t know about the patio.

There are no rules about any other Disney bar areas (not sure about DS or Swan/Dolphin locations). Personal rant: I don’t think children should be allowed to sit at any bar at any time; at a table in the bar area, OK - but not at the bar. There are very few “sanctuaries” for adults who don’t want to be surrounded by small kids 24/7, and I think sitting at a bar, enjoying a drink, and perhaps some “adult” conversation should be one of them - especially at resort bars in the evenings.


Couldn’t agree with you more! :slight_smile: Just want to be able to enjoy some cocktails !

I agree for a different reason. Kids don’t need to be surrounded by the smells and noise of a bar and the antics of those who might become slightly more than happy during their time. There’s time for them to learn about bars later, let them be kids while they still can!