Kids hated Barnstormer

Should I still convince DD4 to do SDD and 7DMT since I know those are different experiences. I have FPP for both.

What did they hate about it? I’d be hesitant about SDD I think but it depends why.

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They screamed even on way up. Just too fast. 7DMT is slower though and not really high.

I would try 7DMT. The coaster part are short and the other parts are fun.

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How about let them watch YouTube videos of them and ask if they would like to try. Mine was hesitant for ToT then she watched a video and thought it looked awesome. Some kids just don’t know what to expect.

So my DD 6 almost 7 at the time hated Barnstormer because she could see how high she was. She loved BTMRR & 7DMT though and asked to go again when we got off. She said it’s because she could tell how high she was on Barnstormer. We haven’t been on SDD yet so we will see how that goes over when we go in the fall. 7DMT is so much smoother than Barnstormer. I am kind of glad she doesn’t want to ride again because I don’t love Barnstormer either.

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If any child didn’t like Barnstormer because they could tell how high they were from the ground, Do NOT force them to ride SDD. it’s WAY worse. SDD doesn’t bounce you around like Barnstormer, but if you have a fear of heights - SKIP it.

7DMT is much better in terms of “height”. There is a lot going on visually in the mine portion of the ride that you shouldn’t be overwhelmed about the ascending. They really nailed it when they created this coaster! It’s a fun for all ages type coaster with an awesome theme.

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Agree about skipping SDD. It’s very exposed and while not really very high it feels much more intense in a couple places.
This may sound crazy, but you might consider giving Space a try. Since you can’t see, you don’t realize what’s happening until you’re practically done. I took my 4.5 year old twins on it without warning and they both walked off the ride shaking in fear but after about an hour were begging to go again.

My 5-year-old grandson didn’t get a chance at Barnstormer, but SDD was pronounced “too fast”. As was 7DMT, but maybe not quite as bad. He thought Test Track was fast but not too fast, so I think it’s really the fast drops that he didn’t like.

Dinosaur was his least favorite - also “too fast” but probably too jerky and the carnotaur didn’t much help. :smiley:

Thanks for the replies. We’ll Drop SDD but no daytime FPP for AS2 or TSM at the moment. Still tying convince her on 7DMT.

Thanks for the advice. I ended up riding. SDD alone since DH felt nauseous after ST. It was a blast and I’m glad I did it. I also made someone’s day since I released my other 2 FP right after I rode.

It pained me to do this but I figured I’d do something we all could do and I also dropped SDMT the day before as well on exchange for HM.