Kids dining plan choices

How does the kids dining plan options work? Both quick service & table service. The dining plan states Kids meals get a drink & entree; & dessert if it’s table service. My understanding is you can get a milk shake or slushy for your drink if it’s on the menu. The kids meals come with a milk, etc and the options for sides sometimes include dessert options. Can my son order a kids meal & choose a milk shake for his drink & a dessert off the dessert menu? Or does he get whatever comes with the kids meal choices?

I think it is only what comes with meal. Will be interested to know if anyone has other experiences.

When we used deluxe DDP last year, the kid’s appetizer, meal, and dessert were what was included with the kids meal choices in that section of the menu, but they were able to order a specialty drink–slushie, smoothie, fancy lemonade, milkshake, etc as their drink for no extra charge. That was the 2019 plan, not sure if it is different this year. Maybe someone that has used plan in Jan this year can chime in.

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Thanks. From reading the DDP description I imagine they should be able to do so. It was the quick service on-line ordering that made me question my understanding of the dining plan.

We did Disney Dining Plan earlier this month. At table service our kids got a drink (including specialty ones or milkshakes), entree, and dessert. At some restaurants the entree was split into a main and two sides, one of which was a dessert and there were no further desserts provided. I think it depends on the restaurant. If in doubt what you can get with the dining plan ask your server. For quick service, they normally got an entree and a drink (including specialty ones), but no dessert (unless it was one of the ones where the entree had two sides and one was a dessert like at BOG for lunch).

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