Kids' clubs question

I have two sons, one will be 14 and 3 months when we sail and the other will be 12 and a half. I know the younger will only qualify to go into the Edge club, but the older, to my knowledge, also qualifies for the Vibe club.

My problem is my younger son is not good at making new friends quickly and if his brother’s not with him, he may retreat into a video game (without me being able to access him) or just find he doesn’t fit into the club.

My older son is very social and, no matter which club he’s in, he will make friends (possibly have to be reminded not to exclude his brother). They normally get along, but will I be holding the older son back if I sign him up for Edge and expect him to socialize with his brother? I really don’t know what goes on in these clubs or even how much time kids spend in them.

Anyone have some insight or advice?

I THINK there is a bit of wiggle room if things don’t work out and you want to switch the older one to another club. Our kids were 10 and 8 the last time we cruised. Although they were in the same club - they went their own ways and got lost in their own separate little worlds. As far as how much time - they LOVED the clubs and spent a (pardon the bun) boatload of time there. They didn’t know any other kids going into it - but ended up making acquaintances etc and had a blast.

During the first day you can go into the clubs as an adult and look around - I am SURE you can speak to the cast members and get it figured out. They are exceptionally accommodating on items they are allowed to be.