Kids Club and restaurant/lounge - WWYD?

We’ve never done the kids clubs before. What kids club would you pick, which restaurant/lounge would you go to?

Planning a trip for spring 2017, so I assume the Wilderness Lodge club will be open again.


  1. No car, transportation is a bit of issue, so leaning to one that’s easy to get to. (Staying at PORFQ.)

  2. We are traveling with friends the that want to stay in the same resort as the kids club, no traveling away…thought if it’s close I may be able to suggest it?

Can anyone share suggestions?

I would say AKL since there are so many great restaurants (or jump to AK and eat at Tiffins and the Nomad lounge).

We used the one at AKL and the kids loved it, they did not want to leave when we came to pick them up! (They were ages 5& 7 at the time). We ate at Sanaa.


The one at Poly is the best!!! It’s redone and biggest my son loves it!!! You could do anything on the monorail

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My DD loves the club at the Poly…I think it’s called Lilo’s Playhouse now. We just made reservations today! This will be her 4th visit. We have eaten at Ohana and gone over to the a Grand Floridian for drinks before…this time we might stay put at the Poly and try the pork nachos that come so highly recommended by @PrincipalTinker!:grinning::grinning:


Oh! I am so counting the days until my next order of pork narchos!

used Sandcastle club at BC and walked into Epcot for choices around the world. Kids and parents loved it and well worth the money, DD 7 DS 6

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