Kids approaching age restrictions for tickets

Hi all. Our original trip was booked for April. We rescheduled for September. @OBNurseNH has brought up a convincing point that I may want to consider rescheduling to next year. Our 4-day Magic tickets will be good into next year, but DS2 will turn 3 end of October and DNephew2 will turn 3 December. Has anyone chatted with Disney on this? 4-day Magic tickets are no longer available. Does that put us on the hook for 4 straight park day tickets for them? Thanks for your insights.

Not sure the answer on this. The 4-day magic tickets went away with the pandemic closure. I think, unfortunately, you may have to call to ask and they may not be able to answer your question right away. :frowning:

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It’s worth a call. My own guess is that WDW will not do anything in this situation because there are so many 2 years olds in 2020 than will be turning 3 after their family’s planned 2020 trip. We may cancel our October 2020 and move it to 2021 and will have the same issue with DS2 turning 3.

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I’m in a similar boat. Our trip was planned for May 2020, and my son turns 3 in December. Because we didn’t want to deal with wearing masks in September (our alternative vacation timeline), we’ve rebooked for January 2021. But, I’m not sure where you’re getting that you can only purchase single day tickets at this time. It’s my understanding (based on Disney’s website): “At this time, new ticket sales are temporarily paused. . . . New ticket sales will resume after that period of time.”

Because this post is originally from 10 days ago, when you could still buy tickets from Undercover Tourist.

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I also have a 2yo who wouldn’t have needed a ticket for the trip we planned. Unless we’re able to reschedule for before he turns 3, I fully expect Disney to require that he has a ticket. I don’t think they’ll care that we didn’t intend to have a 3yo with us!

None of my children are that age anymore… nor are my grandchildren, but I seem to remember skirting some ticket purchases when they were borderline or having that 3rd birthday while at WDW. I was never asked my children’s age while in the parks nor were my children. And you know how proud children are of holding up their fingers to share their age with anyone… even unsolicited. Come to think of it…on most recent trips… I don’t recall any ticket CM asking children their ages as they passed through the ticket gates. That goes along w/ DDP for 3 yr. olds. They don’t eat enough, even on the child’s menu; it made more sense to have them eat off our plates. But DDP is out of the equation for now.

The rule has typically been that you count the age of the child when you started your trip, so if they check in as a 2-year-old and turn 3, they count as a 2-year-old for the duration.

One could argue that we’ve all checked in for a trip of a certain kind starting in March, so who’s to say we’ve aged at all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


FWIW, that has always been the case for me as well. We have had 2-year-olds on multiple occasions and no one has ever questioned their ages.

If only this were true… I feel like I’ve aged exponentially the past few months :face_with_head_bandage: But I do appreaciate your thinking :wink:

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That’s not just typical it’s an official Disney rule.

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the rule being, Not asking children’s ages?

I just meant it has been the rule in the past - not sure if they will adjust or change it due to the pandemic, but would assume not.


If a child is 2 at the start of the trip then are 2 for the duration of the trip. And they don’t pay.

If a child is 9 at the start of the trip then they are 9 for the duration of the trip and they pay children’s pricing.


Oh well yes I guess anything goes in post pandemic America.

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