Kids activities to do in line

Also somewhere on here is Disney bingo sheets, I personally have not checked it out, but sounds like it could be fun.

Shouldn’t the #1 answer be:

“I follow a strong Touring Plan, so I rarely wait in line!”


That would be perfect. That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. Anyone have any ideas where they are?

It may also be worth mentioning that as a family we spent just about every other weekend in some kind of amusement park and we’ve developed many non-Disney specific games to pass the time while waiting.

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I got a 404 trying to follow the link. :frowning:

Try this…

:smile: :+1:

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I just read a very interesting article that reminded me of this topic. One of the points that it makes is that boredom is important, and that our current culture of providing kids “endless fun” contributes to difficulties at school. Check out the full article here: