Kidless Trip: The Final Day and Photo Pass pics

The last day of our solo trip we headed back to Epcot. We had toured the World Showcase two days before and this time it was EMH for Future World so we hit those attractions. First up, Test Track. My weird pink test car came in first in all but one of the trials.

We had a short wait for Soarin’ then hopped right on to an upfront seat on The Land.

We went to The Seas and Imagination, then lunch at the Electric Umbrella. I didn’t take any pics for those. I didn’t purchase a Memory Maker deal this time so I only purchased a few of our Photo Pass pics. Honestly, a lot of them were kind of dumb, like maybe there were a lot of newbies taking the pics that week. Anywho, here are the ones I did buy.

We had such an awesome time and I have been missing Disney every day since we returned. I’ve just printed up all my pics to start scrapbooking so hopefully that will help ease the pain lol.


I’ve loved your reports. We’re REALLY kidless now, in that they don’t even live in the same state we do (well, temporarily- apparently a couple of the chicks are flocking home for the summer). We can’t wait to start going off on our own, but you’re right, it’s bittersweet.

I haven’t been able to keep up with the photo albums. I made it halfway through documenting our last big family trip together, when we went to Europe. That was really dumb, I should have just powered through- now it’s hard to go back and finish it…

Anyway, as they get older you may think you won’t ever have another big family trip again, but in my experience that’s not true. Our next is one month from now- at WDW. :grinning: Even after they leave home, it’s just a different phase, and it takes more effort to get together, but you will.