Kidless Trip Report part 5: Epcot Flower and Garden

Here are a few pics of the flowers and topiaries from the Flower and Garden Festival. I had a whole list of food items I wanted to try from the outdoor kitchens but wound up only getting one…the Bloomin’ Blueberry Lemon and Ginger tea from Trowel and Trellis. That drink was AWESOME. They serve a larger alcoholic version in a souvenir mug, but I don’t drink so I sweet talked the cast members into letting me buy two servings and have them put it in the mug. Delish!

The little cup of popcorn was from Germany, the Werther’s shop lady gave me a sample of the caramel version and it was also delish.


BTW, I’m over the whole paper straw thing. If you don’t finish your drink lickty split the darn thing disintegrates and becomes useless. I almost choked on a piece that broke off one of my drinks. They need to offer more reusable straws (and next time I will remember to bring my own!)


Agree! We went out to eat at home— they used paper straws— the look on my 2 year olds face when she tried her drink really summed up my feelings about them too! I’m packing straws in my bag from now on…


That’s what I do. Aluminum straws are so easy to find now. I have some in a little bag in my purse. Thanks for the reminder to take them to WDW.

For kiddos my sister’s little girl loved the brightly colored silicone ones that you ca find online too.