Kidless Trip Report Part 4: Epcot Scavenger Hunts

So the Friendship boats dropped us off at the back entrance to Epcot where we promptly purchased the maps for the two scavenger hunts going on. These hunts are a great way to really see World Showcase and you end up with a neat and cheap souvenir. Usually you redeem your completed map for your prize, but this time the cashier said we could go ahead and pick ours out then and there. Anywho, we were all ready to hunt down some Easter Eggs and Spike the Bee!

We had to ask for clues a few times, but found most of the items on our own. I highly recommend this activity when they host it in Epcot as you really go deep into the pavillions and see so much more of each country.


That scavenger hunt sounds like fun! Just curious - what was your prize?

The egg hunt prize was a little version of a Mickey egg with an eraser inside and the bee prize was some Flower and Garden themed patches.


Is this a regular thing of only during festivals?

During festivals. The first one we noticed was finding Figment during the first Festival of the Arts.