Kidani Village Room Service from Sanaa

I have read conflicting information online so far with regards to being able to order room service from the Sanaa menu at Kidani. We will be staying there next September and were hoping we could order the bread service and maybe a few other things and eat it in our room (we will have our 3 kids with us). Does anyone know if it is possible to order from their full menu and have it delivered to the room?

I don’t remember that being an option but you can always go down and order it at the bar and bring it back to the room.


This has been my experience. I went down to Sanaa and brought it back to the room. I didn’t see anything on the room service menu, but it was very easy to walk down.

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Awesome! Thanks for the help. We really want to make use of our kitchen and eating area since this will be our first time in a 1BR villa. We’ve always done deluxe studios in the past, but now that we have 3 kids we know we have to bump up to the larger space.

It shouldn’t be too hard walking food back up to the room and it would help us be more flexible with meal times. Thanks again!


You are going to love the one-bedroom space, kitchen, and extra full bath!


Follow-up question that is related…

If we ended up getting the standard DDP, would we be able to use dining credits when ordering “take-out” from Sanaa to eat back in our room? That could possibly change whether we get the DDP or not.

One of the main reasons we are entertaining getting the DDP is because our youngest will be almost 3…so she would eat “free” at all character buffets and family-style meals. We did this on our last trip in 2016 when our then youngest was 2 years old.