Kidani Village - Need coffee!

We are staying at Kidani Village next Spring. I’ve stayed at AKL before but that was years ago before Kidani Village was around. I understand there is no quick service at Kidani but I was wondering if there’s anywhere to get morning coffee there. I know there are coffee makers and coffee provided in the rooms but my husband prefers a short morning walk to buy coffee. If there’s no coffee to purchase at Kidani and we walk to Jambo house, can you leave and return through a closer exit or do we have to walk back to the lobby and exit from there? In other words, would it make sense to request a room in the South wing to be closer to Jambo?

The store has a small area for coffee and refillable mugs.

Excellent! Thank you so much.

Also, for info, Sanaa does a QS breakfast. You can either eat there or take it out with you.

Thank you for that. When I first looked at Sanaa’s hours on MDE, it looked like only lunch and dinner. I missed the part down the center describing QS breakfast. Probably because I kept hearing complaints that Kidani had no QS restaurant. No one mentioned the breakfast exception.