Kid size buffet?

Apparently the kid height buffet has stuck with DD(6) for the past 3 years and wants to do Chef Mickey’s for that reason…but it looks like the buffet hasn’t returned there yet. So my question is, do any of the currently open buffets (or opening by October) have a kid-height station? Bonus points for breakfast and characters.

Crystal Palace does in MK for lunch and dinner. Winnie the Pooh characters are returning to the restaurant next month.


That’s my favorite. Love the characters and my then 4 year old ate the drumsticks from the kids buffet like a cavewoman.

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Cape May has the kid height.

When we were there in June they also had an omelet station and a guy making crepes. They looked good but I was mostly there for the bacon. :grin:

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Wouldn’t Boma have kid-level/favorite foods too? They always used to, at least.

I’m pretty sure I remember Biergarten having a kids height portion of the buffet but it is an older memory so might ask for corroboration