Kid-Free Trip!

I’m on the doorstep of establishing a countdown for a kid-free trip with my Hubs to the World!

What are your favorite WDW activities to do when you are in the World without any kids in tow??


We never have kids in tow and we love to eat so checking out new restaurants is always a big plus for us. We also like to close down MK at least once and watch the kiss goodnight from an empty mains treet. The 2 or 3 am closings are the best.

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SPA baby - SPA!

This is on my wish list :heart:

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It was on accident. We had no intentions of staying until after 2am since we had an 8am KTTK already paid for, but the park was empty and the weather was nice and cool so we couldn’t resist lol.

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How is KTTK? Worth it for a short trip? Do you regret it eating park time?

Thinking on that one.

We thought it was awesome. It was really fun seeing behind the scenes. I didn’t regret it at all but it was also a week long trip. It’s only about 5 hours and honestly now, we aren’t worried about riding every ride or watching every show like we first were, so I would consider doing a tour even a short trip. I think this next time we might try something like Behind the seeds.

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Just did our kid-free trip. It all depends on what time of year you go, but if it’s during the Food & Wine or Flower & Garden, best thing ever is taking your time at the food booths! Forget trying to do that with my kids.

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We LOVED doing the KTTK :slight_smile: My mom and I went for 4 days, 3 nights and it was AWESOME :slight_smile: I would definitely recommend! One thing that I wanted to do is get on the first tour so we could see the empty park and get some great pics :slight_smile: That is exactly what I did :slight_smile: There is no photos during the tour! So you might as well leave camera at home or in your bag :frowning: (I know a few people took some, but I only took two! One of the tour person with Minnie Statue and one at lunch :slight_smile: But we made a quick stop to see Mickey Mouse while we waited on the tour :slight_smile: I would highly recommend :slight_smile: Another thing you could think about doing, which I have never done is one of the other tours (such as the one in AK or EP World Showcase Tour, or even do a fireworks cruise! ) Those are on my wish lists :slight_smile:

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Those are some great ideas! Thank you!

Anyone do a carriage ride at PORS or FW? Kind of thinking about that as a nice option for arrival night since Yeehaw Bob is playing. Thoughts?

I had thought about it but never done it :frowning: One thing I did think about doing was the segway tour of FW! :slight_smile: I thought that would be very neat to do :slight_smile:

I like to go to the BW area- stop in BlueZoo, walk around- end the night at Crews Cup.


The Segway tour of WS was so much fun, my DH and I did it about 7 or 8 years ago.

Unfortunately they don’t have the WS one anymore :(. I would have LOVED to do that one! They discontinued it but I think it is at WL or FW! (Resorts)

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I’m about to do a kid-free trip with my wife next weekend! Here’s what you can do easily without kids:

  • Get to the park before rope-drop!
  • Stay at the park until closing
  • Do/see anything you want without the kids complaining about your choice
  • Walk from attraction to attraction as fast as you want/need to (to keep up with Touring Plan)
  • Get alcoholic drinks at Epcot
  • Eat nice meals leisurely.
  • Do any tours/events/rides (eg, Keys to Kingdom) that you can’t do with kids
  • Skip character meet-n-greets
  • Spend lots of time exploring the World Showcase in Epcot.

There’s probably more I’m leaving out.

Have fun!


Great list, @RotR! That describes a lot of what I’m excited about on our July trip. Much of it can even apply to solo trips if the other adult is not as fond of WDW as I am, and I get to do much of it alone while he’s at a conference.

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That means you get to use Single-Rider lines! Good for you!

Oh, you could do dinner at California Grill during MK fireworks. I haven’t done that myself, but heard good things about it.

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The ONLY thing that I don’t care for is the fact that they are too tired to stay until park close. Now if we were at home - at 10PM they would be “I can’t sleep - I’m just not tired” - however at WDW they are toast by 6 and need to be in bed by 9 at the latest. I have been known to go back to the parks and be the “weird old single guy” who is there by himself. I LOVE the parks at night - there is just something extra special about it.