Keys to the Kingdom Tour scheduling advice

Our 180 mark is next month and I’m getting ready. Would it be better to try to do KttK tour on a really crowded MK day or on a less crowded day? We have to visit during a peak spring break week and I was thinking it might be nice to do this when the park was really busy in order to get out of the hub bub.

Also, is it likely I will be able to book a tour or am I setting us up for a big disappointment? TIA liners

KTTK is a great tour. I had no problem booking mine at less than 180 but I didn’t go at Spring Break. I’d book it as early as possible. As to crowds, I’m not sure. Your group will be about 20 people and you are following a guide while wearing a headset to hear he or she talk. You do go backstage and you go through the FPP line for the rides that are included. Lunch is also provided and its a roped off section of CHH. I say take the early tour and then book FPPs for later in the evening. That way you can tour, take a rest and then go back to a park later in the day.

I didn’t know that rides were included or such a nice lunch! I appreciate that tip and it is exactly what we will try to do. Luckily, the day I was thinking of trying to book is at the end of our trip so I am hoping that will give me a better chance. Thanks for your advice!

KTTK is awesome! We did an early tour and were able to get into the park prior to RD, so… Empty Main Street pictures!


Us too! I’d recommend the 8:30 tour so you can get down MSUSA with your group prior to RD. Our tour started at 9 and it was a little cumbersome trying to get down the street with the masses.

I love that idea. Thanks!

I read that someone enjoyed watching the masses rush by them as they sat and watched, but I like the idea of getting ahead of the tide better too, so I will try for that. Thanks again @bwalker75

What rides are included? And how long is it? I am intrigued

I didn’t realize there were any rides, but I hear there are a couple. You take them with your group and the guide. It’s 5 hours and includes lunch. This is DH’s and my first trip as empty nesters and we want to stop and smell the roses as grown ups. I’m pretty excited about this tour after hearing more! I hope we can snag it. We are spending 10 days this time (longest trip ever) so taking the time to do this feels right. If anyone has any other feedback, I hope you will share. Thanks!

You ride JC and HM on the tour. It’s a long tour, 4-5 hours. You are walking/standing for the majority of the tour, so be prepared for that. If you have a Disney Visa, you can get a discount on the tour (at least you could as of last Dec. :)).

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Ohhhhhh, big tip on the Disney Visa! I didn’t know that. JUST GOT ONE THIS WEEK. I’ll definitely check in to see if they still offer a discount. thx @splashmommy

They do it’s 20% off. It’s a nice discount. Keep in mind it must be paid at time of booking.

Seriously? Wow I am so excited about that @Outer1. Where is this listed. I may be missing out on other perks. So mention it when booking?

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Just found it. Holy cow there is so much to know about a Disney vacation! Thanks for lending a hand!

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Yea discounts at boma too!

I saw that! Sanaa too. #feelingclueless. But I’m getting smarter with some help

The running of the strollers is what the CM’s call it. its really quiet funny. We did that on our tour.

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@BearsMom2011 thanks for posting this question - I’m now looking into doing this tour on our January trip! I think this is a great surprise for my DH that likes to try new things at Disney!! :slight_smile: I’m hoping to get booked on the 8:30am tour on January 26th - maybe I will meet some Liners!

That sounds great! I am thinking about my DH too with this tour. Feels like a good grown up thing to do. Hope you will keep me posted!

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I will absolutely keep you posted! And I will give you all the credit for thinking of it too! :wink: