Keys to the Kingdom Tour or Walt Disney Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour?

Two big kids, mum and daughter, we have two weeks in WDW. Already planning the Wild Africa Trek but would like a tour in the magic kingdom. Is the KTTK tour too long? The Marceline to Magic Kingdom tour is shorter. Which would you all recommend?

Did kttk wth 28 yo daughter in March. We both really enjoyed it. Got to ride Jungle safari and HM, lunch at CHH. Definitely worth it.


Thank you!

I can only speak to the Keys to the Kingdom tour, which I went on with my father, the above poster :wink: in March.

It was 5 hours, but there was not a minute that I was bored/on my cell-which says a lot about me, as I like to constantly check my cell phone for work emails. 5 hours is a long time, but this was the first time in my…10+ years of Disney trips…that I actually stopped to look around, and that was really worth it for me (and probably my Dad).

We got to ride HM and JC behind the scenes, though I suggest re-riding them after once you learn all the interesting facts and tricks. I enjoyed seeing the parade area, even though I am indifferent about the parades and really loved being in the utilidors. Lunch at Columbia Harbour House was good! Neither of us had ever eaten there, and we will certainly go back.

We learned new information, and also some Disney facts we already knew (as most die-hard Disney fans do). There were plenty of opportunities to sit and be in the shade, so that was never an issue.

From my very basic understanding of Marceline…it is more history related, correct? I personally would enjoy it as a History buff, but can forsee the majority of people finding it boring.


So awesome that you and your dad did this together!!

Thank you!

When you say, [quote=“DizFinder, post:4, topic:25813, full:true”]

We got to ride HM and JC behind the scenes

does this mean that you got to see behind the scenes on both HM and JC or just JC? I’m trying to decide if we will do the KttK tour on our next trip.

You don’t get to see how the rides work, but for HM you get to go in through the “scaredy cat” exit. So it’s an area that you’d only see if you bailed on the ride just before getting on.

For JC, your tour guide will take over the boat and give you information about the ride, instead of the standard corny script the usual operator gives you.

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