Keys to the Kingdom Tour info

Hi all
Can someone please tell me a few things about the Keys to the Kingdom tour…
Does it run every day?
If so once per day or different times?
What time/s does it usually start?
Would you rather do it at the start or end of a 10 day trip?
Going in early September if it makes any difference
Thank you!!

I think it runs most days, although during the really busy times (Christmas week, Easter, July 4th) they stop running most tours.

Several start times each day, starting 8am and 30 mins apart until 10 or 10:30

I did it before they opened up Main St in the morning, which meant we had Main St to ourselves and then sat in the little alley off it and watched rope drop! Not sure now, but would rather start earlier.

As for when in the trip, maybe in the middle? Give yourself time first to visit the parks, and maybe to visit MK again after?

Here’s the page

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Perfect. Thanks!

Loved this tour so much!
It runs every day except during the busy times, as far as I know, If it is a tour that you would really like to do it would be worth calling and booking ahead of time.
Earlier in the day is better, the tour is about 4 to 4 1/2 hrs long, the earlier the start, the more afternoon/evening time you have to park tour…and it’s not as hot in the morning for walking around.
I’d recommend in the middle of your trip too, that way you have a few days after the tour to go back to MK and appreciate all the details you learn on the tour.

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We are considering this for our trip in mid July.

I know people have said that they don’t do the tour during busy times like Christmas week but we did the Keys To the Kingdom Tour on 12/27/17 and our tour was schedule for 8:00am. There were a number of other tours scheduled for that morning. For us, we were there from 12/19 - 12/31 on our honeymoon. My thoughts as far as when in your trip to go would be anytime you would like to. We did it in the middle to give ourselves a bit of a break. Loved the tour and so glad we did it.

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Glad you did it.

I wanted to do an Epcot tour and had to wait until Jan 1st to do it. Thinking about it though, it may have been on certain days only, but there was definitely a couple of days we couldn’t do it on through that week.

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I think doing this tour early-ish to mid is the best option. Being able to take in the Kingdom under your own observations and then see the “secrets” through the tour, and then seeing everything in the new light after the tour I felt had the most impact.

Strategically speaking, if you have park hopper, I’d schedule it on one of the heavier MK days as the tour will negate the crowds for the most part and then you can jump over to one of the other lower-crowd parks to close out the rest of the day. I plan on scheduling our tour for either the 2nd or the 3rd when we go, who knows we might see ya there!

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One thing worth knowing about all tours, afaik, is that you get individual headsets with volume control. So you can always hear the guide, even if you’re sitting down resting a little apart from them. Useful too for when it gets busier, and it means you can ask questions too without needing to shout!

I did the EpcotWorld Showcase tour (Destinations Discovered?) and by 11:15 there were actually people in the park near us :open_mouth: ! But we were able to wander past groups of people quite easily without having to keep up within earshot of our guide.

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I have not taken the tour, so I have no personal experience to relate. However, from a planning perspective I think I would go the opposite of what most people have advised and opt for one of the later tours. My thinking is that I would RD the park and take advantage of the shorter lines, and then do the tour when things are getting more crowded.

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This is definitely a good idea. It felt like kinda a waste to use the benefits of the tour (skipping lines) when there was no one in line to start with and ended up missing the welcome show.

Depends what time the park opens. If it’s at 9am and you do a 10:30 tour you’d have about an hour to do a few rides. If there’s no 10:30 tour you’d have less than that. You do have to register at least 15 minutes early, back near the entrance.

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