Keys to the Kingdom tour and phone?

DH and I did this tour 23 years ago and have very fond memories. We are finally now doing it again and taking both kids. They are both old enough this time.

Disney is saying you cannot have your phone with you/use your phone on the tour. I get it, we’ll be backstage and they don’t want photos taken. Totally ok with that.

But what about making Genie+ reservations during the tour?

Has anyone recently done the tour and can tell me how strict they were? Will they let me have my phone out when we’re not backstage?

They’ve made our days phone dependent, but then i can’t use it, lol


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Many, many years ago, they allowed us to have cameras, but only take them out when we were on stage.

Side note…Before going back stage, we had to take the pledge. The CM said, “raise your right hand and say, I, state your name….” All the ladies, in the group, said their names. All the men said, in unison, “I, state your name”.