Keys to the Kingdom... I just can't snag two spots!

I am having such a hard time getting these two tickets, seriously, I’m thinking we wait until another year or two because I’m so frustrated seeing Buzz stare at his watch to tell me NOPE, NO TICKETS every time.

I’m thinking about just booking an EPCOT day, but we’re offsite, so I’m not sure if that’s a recipe for not-getting-GoTG tickets at 7am.

MY QUESTION - do I just buy the EPCOT ticket, and if so, how would you get those GoTG tickets for the new ride if it was a one-and-done kind of day for the visit?

Hope your day is extra magical, y’all!
~ Imaginette ~

Are there Epcot park reservations available? It’s pretty easy to get a boarding group at 7 - you don’t have to be staying onsite. Or if you miss out then, the 1pm boarding groups normally last for ages.