Keys to the Kingdom and Genie+

On Sunday February 5th my DW, DD and I are doing the Keys to the Kingdom tour. The information about the tour says you’re not allowed to use your cell phones. How strict are they? If we purchased Genie+ for that day would they allow us to use our phones to get LLs for after the tour.

They might make you put them away/turn them off in certain areas but in others they’ll be allowed us my guess. I did the Walt apartment tour last month in DLR and before we went backstage in we got a warning and once we got in the apartment entry itself they made us put our phones in our bags and put them by the front door.

My recollection is the cell phone limitations were only in the backstage parts of the tour. No pictures in the underground areas etc. While walking around the normal parts of MK, I’m fairly certain I had my phone out and in use with no issues…

My expectation is you shouldn’t have issues booking LLs as long as you time it to book while not backstage…


Thanks, I was hoping we could use them when we were not backstage.

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Yup same for Walt Tour in DLR. Phones were fine in the park, just not in backstage areas.