Kermit the frog reporting about Irma

Hi Ho Kermit the frog here. We are placed for reporting of the storm Hurricane Irma. I am currently staying at Walt Disneys All Stars Music. Stay tuned for more breaking news.

So I am here in the world. Happy to be here but sad that Hurricane Irma is coming to town. This is the first that we have received as guests from Disney. Thought I would share. I will try and share as the storm comes through.


Stay safe! Do you have a stash of food?

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Not yet. We have water but we are going iut tomorrow morning for food we have a rental. Thanks.

Have you heard any reports regarding conditions in local stores?

Be safe!

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I just heard they are closing all stores in Miami-Dade tonight at 8:00. Make sure you allow yourself time before they close! (I know- crazy liner planner here)


It pains me so much. But we are going out in the morning BEFORE any park.

Would be out tonight but we had a busy day if discovery cove now waiting for our illuminations cruise.

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As of last night i did not find any water. Real downer. We are thinking of seeing if we can extend our trip by two days. Should be leaving Wednesday. Maybe Friday we will see.

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I am worried about you! Did you get some food for the room?

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Be safe! We are scheduled to arrive at All-Stars Music on Wednesday morning so are closely monitoring the situation to see if we need to modify our plans.

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Awww. Doing well. Got my food this morning. In Epcot right now. Waiting for our second journey on Soarin.

Had to laugh. There is this woman behind me saying disneyland has gotten rid of the Haunted Mansion. And all sorts of weird things.


Thanks for checking in! Was she looking corn HM in EP?

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Stay safe @Jedilogray & Kermit! Positive thoughts your way!!

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Hi Ho Kermit the Frog here. It is Sunday September 10th. Last night there was a flashlight found on our bed. It appears the Disney has handed out a flashlight for every room.

There are some winds and the rain is picking up. A bit of a driving rain.

Still at All Stars Music. The food court is open, probably packed. The pools will be open as per the weather at this moment. About a dozen people swimming. We feel sorry for the life guards. There have been sitings of a bear and a monkey in the lobby. Baloo anf King Louie came out for some swinging fun

People are walking about to the food court for drinks and what not and doing laundry.

Yesterday when we were at epcot there were lots of utility vehicles gathering for the aftermath of Irma. I would say at least a hundred trucks were sited. And this was just Epcot.

So overall things are going okay and calm here.

This is Kermit the Frog and I will be reporting again at a later time. Maybe posting some pictyres.


Thanks for the report. Stay safe!

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Staying at Swan, everything is good here. Just chilling, the fancy restaurants here, are open.
Was at HS yesterday, low crowds good time. Maximum we waited was maybe 15 minutes for Mickey and Minnie, everything else was pretty much walk on.


@shaunferguson97f, @Jedilogray, Stay safe! Our thoughts are with you!!


Everything is good here at AKL. The cast members are doing an extraordinary job.

Restaurants are open and will remain open.
Tons of activities for kids
Face painting
Goofy and Rafiki were here
Mousekeeping distributed flashlights, soap, shampoo and of course extra TP

Yesterday I think was the best day I have ever had in the parks. Like shaunferguson97f said everything was pretty much walk on. They couldn’t even fill the elevators on ToT. Went to HS, EPCOT, and AK. Even only had a 45 minute wait on FOP in the afternoon. Too bad my wife was unable to come down to join me. Was supposed to leave today, then had a flight Tuesday, that was cancelled now looks like Thursday.


Hi ho Kermit the Frog here, your frog on the ground here at Disney’s All Star Music resort during the storm know as Hurricane Irma.

Here is the latest of goings on.

Weather wise there is no changes,some rain and wind, nothing else major.

Here at the All Stars this place is going to the dogs, and I do not mean Pluto and Goofy, although they are here too.

But the rules of dogs staying here has been suspended for the storm…

Characters have been busy in the lobby. Baloo and King Louie are back, and soon Goofy and Pluto were seen.

And they are literally having a ball in the main lobby now

The food court hours have been extended to 7:30, they are enforcing a 7pm curfew posted by the county, asking that all resort guests do not leave the resort. Disney Spring and all parks are closed.

There is a line to get into the food court…

And the arcade is probably the busiest it has been in a long time…

That is all for now. So Kermit the Frog signing off.


Was there also for RD. Did all attractions twice.