Kennedy transportation challenges in Dec 2021

I have a group of 6 adults who want to spend 1 day at KSC. Covid changes seem to have wreaked havoc on the usual advice. I was hoping to rent a car in the Disney area, but most places don’t have any vehicles in our size requirement. Mears no longer offers a shuttle. Tour bus transportation is outrageously priced at over $60 per person. Not to mention the timing questions of how to pick up and drop off a rental when every day is crammed full with early starts and late nights. We’re going at the busiest time of year, of course. Any and all advice is welcome!!

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Your best bet is probaby a car service like Quicksilver. They have van options, and it would probably work out cheaper than $60/pp.

Thank you! I’ll look into that. Right now I’ve got a reservation for a minivan picked up at 7 in the morning from the Car Care Center and dropped off at 7 the same evening for $200. Not horrible for 6 people, but I’m really hoping to do better.

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I’d take the $33/person plus fuel and run with it. The shuttle to the Car Care Center was reasonably timely last time I used it.