Kennedy Space Center Tips?

Kennedy Space Center on Friday. Half-day only. I know, I know, not enough time. But it’s a start. Group will be me & husband, DS9, DD7, DS4, and two grandparents. Tips? Advice? My parents might enjoy bus ride/ tour, but can’t imagine DS4 lasting through it. What are a couple of must-do’s, and what would a 4yo like? The little tyrant often sets agenda for all of us. Note that we live in Texas, so we have been to Johnson Space Center a few times, so anything that is also there would be less exotic interesting, at least for DS9 & DD7.

If anyone knows a good website for reviews, tips, touring plans, let me know. More research needed but too tired to do tonight.

As I shared elsewhere, dh needs 2days here. There is probably enough in the main buildings to do in a half day -or- a bus tour, but definitely not both.

I would look up what each tour covers and see which strikes you as more unique to KSC rather than NASA in general.

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The website has a TP style feature.

You can enter the time you have and it will suggest things to do. Or the othe4 way round. Pretty easy to use.

Although the Saturn V is impressive, it does take up a bit of time. I would suggest going straight to the Atlantis exhibit, then maybe let the kids run in the rocket garden while you look round. There are some capsules they can climb in and out of. Then into the Hall of Fame building for a short video and then again things to look at and try out.

Finally the space shop 2nd floor has been kitted out recently with the Apollo gantry that you can walk across and have photos taken with the astronaut of the day. It used to be out in the rocket garden.

If anyone needs to sit down and rest, send them to the IMAX (but for a first trip I wouldn’t plan this for everyone necessarily.

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I just did a half day there and did the Bus Tour (Saturn rocket bldg) and the Atlantis Bldg. We didn’t go to every show or touch/see every exhibit but took probably two hours for each (not incl. line up for Bus Tour). I’d say those two are the must do’s and really well done. Although Bus tour out to Saturn V Bldg. isn’t « exciting » I found it really interesting to see all these structures and buildings and launch pads I’d grown up seeing on TV since a child and are such a important part of American (and western) culture. Both Bldgs have excellent introduction shows that lead you into the Bldg. proper. Really set the scene for what you are going to see. Very well done. I’d recommend getting there as soon as it opens and going on Bus Tour right away. Miss the line up. We got there about 11 and with long security checks the Bus Tour line up was already an hour plus. P.S. sit on the right side of the bus. All the interesting stuff to see is on that side!

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