Keeping track of FPP times

I’m getting closer to the time for making our FPP choices and started to think about how we will keep track of which MagicCards (no bands for us) will have which FPPs. This will be especially confusing in MK where we will be sharing cards since only a few in the group plan to ride rollercoasters. Is it ok to put a sticker label on the cards?


The App from Disney keeps track of your FPP, if you going with cards only the CM will almost certainly ask you to put your name on them when you get them, to save time guessing who is who, when you get to the entrance and your finger print has to match your card. I don’t understand when you say ‘sharing cards’ everyone needs a card to get in!

You’ll book the FPP on the Disney site and depending how you do it will appear on the app, you can choose who will and wont have FPP for each ride. Everyone can have the app on their phone and of course WiFi is in all the parks



I’m gussing OP means that people who are not riding the coasters might have FPs for them anyway, so that those riding can go twice. Grandma won’t ride Space Mountain, Teenager wants to ride it twice. Grandma and Teenager both get a FP for Space Mountain. Teenager uses their own card, then rides again using Grandma’s.

I don’t have a smartphone :smile:
So would stickers on the cards be a problem?

theredhead basically got it right. but we can generate 2nd rides with a baby swap. so I was planning to use mine & Grandma & Grandpa’s FPP for a 2nd rollercoaster for the kids & my husband. and I’m worried about keeping track of which card has which. I’d probably remember what I did, but in the midst of chaos I’d rather not risk getting it wrong.


I can’t think why stickers can’t be used.

A smart phone would be handy by the way in case you want to change a FPP while in the park without waiting to use a Kiosk. For example rather than wait for your next FFP you can see if there’s an earlier time if you wanted.

Have a great time



That’s a good point, and members of my group do have smartphones. I just don’t personally and since I’m the one organizing this, I wouldn’t want to be reliant on one.

Do you have your tickets and have you already linked them to a my Disney experience account and have the fast passes?

I’ve got tickets and have linked them. It’s not yet time to make fastpasses yet.

The sticker should work. I put everything on a google sheet, and then I can print out and take with me. I also have been known to just write everything on an index card (easy to carry in a pocket). Do you have multiple day tickets? I am afraid that the font would have to be so small, or you would need a sticker for every day, which could get very confusing.

Thanks. I’m sure I’ll carry a hard copy, but based on previous experience (in pre-FPP days), I never had time to pull out the plans I was carrying and just worked off memory. I was thinking that I’d probably only need the sticker for MK. and I’m sure I can write small.

Thanks for everyone’s advice.