Keep or ditch personalized Touring Plans

I will be there next week & I have been monitoring wait times this week. I made some touring plans, but the wait times seem way off. Should I ditch them or is the plan/data so awesome that I will have these magical wait times?!

We’re there now (taking a rest day today) and I just updated our touring plans so that I have a record of what we ACTUALLY did (and the order we ended up doing it in). It’s funny- I noticed that for our DL day the individual ride wait times were often elevated, but the overall timing of the day was pretty much right on. Like, as I looked back I noticed “Yeah, we were on Splash at about 5:00.” I think the day got filled in with bathroom breaks, extra snacks, etc etc etc but the overall order and overall timing was pretty good.

I still found the TP to be very helpful, but mostly as a checklist instead of a hard-and-fast plan. The TPs didn’t take any G+ or LL info into account, which is where most of the inaccuracies in timing came from.

Genie+ has made all the difference for us. I don’t think we waited more than 15-20 minutes for ANYTHING over the past 3 days. The TP mainly helped us with saving steps and being organized in how we attack the parks.

Have a great trip!