Keep AoA or Switch to POP?

We have 3 nights at the Poly (renting DVC) followed by 2 nights at AoA (standard…so Little Mermaid building) for our 9/30-10/5 trip.

I was originally going to book POP, but it wasn’t available then and I figured it would be cool to try AoA as we have never stayed there before. Handy as the entire trip has turned out to be one of firsts for both resorts and dining.

So after reading on the Disney Dish thread that there have been a lot of cancellations, I checked and POP is available for our last two nights.

I can keep AoA, or switch to POP for less money. Heck I could get a Preferred room ($43 less/night) or Preferred Pool room ($33 less/night). I would lean towards Preferred w/o the pool if we switched.

This is a park heavy trip with not much resort time planned by the end of our stay. Part of me wants to try AoA, and part of me is trying to calculate how much closer we will be to the Skyliner station w/ a Preferred POP room vs a Little Mermaid room at AoA …and if there is a difference, is it worth switching for?

We really liked POP a few years ago (stayed in a Standard room in the 50’s…pre-Skyliner), but AoA is new to us. But the downside is Little Mermaid is a bit farther away than everything else.


Haven’t stayed at AoA, but I’m pretty sure the Little Mermaid rooms are the same building style as Pop…in that, they are in the building that was built before they abandoned that side of the resort (eventually revived as AoA).

Since both have Skyliner access, unless you love Little Mermaid, I’d lean toward saving a few bucks and staying at Pop, myself.


The AoA pool is much cooler than Pop’s and even though you can walk to AoA from Pop you are not allowed to pool hop


Yes they are, but cost more $$!

As a Disney fan I of course love Little Mermaid, but I wouldn’t be upset not staying in a LM room.

Just give up the “new to us” resort…which is probably worth giving up for extra spending money.

I don’t think we will have much pool time. Our check in day we will be at DHS, next day at EPCOT, and check out day will be DHS or MK before leaving late afternoon.

I am going to ask dd, but I am sure she will tell me that she will be fine with whatever I choose…she is of no help!

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Depending where you are you might be better off walking clockwise around the lake and going to the skyliner that way :laughing:

I had the third from the furthest away room in the LM section.

It was meh

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This is what I am afraid of…leaning more and more towards POP.

I keep thinking of trying to get the Skyliner to EPCOT on the morning of 10/4 and DHS on 10/5 …and not wanting it to be a PITA.

Well location at Pop might not be a lot better particularly in a standard room

The rooms themselves are not dis-similar sizewise and the only noticeable difference to me was theming, really

I prefer Pop myself, but I’m also all for trying all of the resorts out.

After looking, I might spring for the Preferred Pool room at POP which saves us slightly less money, but we would have a better chance of getting into the 60’s building.

There are actually only Preferred and Preferred Pool rooms available, no Standard.

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Unless you’re in the 90s building at the back of POP, you’re going to be closer to the skyliner than you would be at a LM room in AoA. We stayed in an updated room in the 70s building Feb 2020, and it was very nice. If you’re not planning on spending much time in the resort anyways, I would choose POP for the convenience. Also, you can get Dole Whips and tie-dye cheesecake at POP :yum:

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I’ve never stayed at either but from the sound of it you should switch to pop. If you won’t even be in the room much, it’s closer and you would use the skyliner, you know you like it AND it’s cheaper.

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Those little mermaid rooms are soooo far! Enjoy the funds and closer walk!

I’d switch to Pop. You can walk over and see AoA.

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The 60’s section is close to the pool and skyliner. 70’s and 50’s are also great locations.