Keep ADR for 4 and hope to add one or keep later time?

My step son is now joining us for our December trip. We now have a party of 5. I have the original ADR for Tutto Italia for 4 at 7:00 (desired time) and one for 5 at 8:00 that I added to include him. I looks like most times are blocked out for CP dining packages. Do I keep the ADR for 4 and hope they let me add one person at 7:00 or do I keep the 8:00 ADR and show up early hoping to get seated early?

Did you try to get a reservation for 1 at 7:00? Or close to it? While not guaranteed, they will often allow you to combine parties if the reservation times are close.

Also, do you have a reservation finder set for 5 at 7:00?

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I have reservation finder set for Ohana and Sci Fi right now to add him since those are typically more difficult ADRs. I have not tried for 1 lone ADR but I’ve tried to modify the 4 to 5 and haven’t had success. Tutto is a family favorite and it’s typically an easy to get ADR but I’ve never been in December since it was part of the CP dining packages.

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You can also try for an alert.

I am wondering, because I have seen a lot of people say that you can usually add one to a reservation without having to change it, can you not do that?

My concern would be that 5 people typically requires a different type of table than 4. I think WDW would likely do what they can to accommodate, but I would be prepared to wait a bit if you show up with an extra person.

Personally, as a nervous nelly, I would take the later ADR and show up a bit early.


@cjandres you sound like me. Those were my exact thoughts, especially the different table size.


That is months away. You could call now and change it now, not just show up with an extra person. Or am I missing something? I may still be adding my parents for some of my meals when we go if they want to join us.

@suemarie19 there is no availability to change it. I’ve been consistently trying to modify it, multiple times a day.

Right, I understand. And it is for a DP. That makes it harder than if it was just modifying a meal. I had forgotten that part in spite of an issue I had with trying to change one to a DP. Those are more difficult to change.

With ADRs in high demand, there is no guarantee they will be able to accommodate extra members in a party.

It just seems like something you go ahead and call the reservation line about so you could know for sure. They might also be able to adjust the other reservations at the same time. It might be way easier for them to add one person to a group now than it would be later. You call and ask and they say no, then you know.

Oh sure, worth a try; just not a guarantee. Still based on availability.

I would keep both the 7 and 8pm reservations at this point, and just make sure you are on top of that reservation finder. I’ve always got the reservations I’ve needed when using it. And if you have a friend that has a touring plans subscription, ask to borrow one of their reservation finder spots to look for 3rd reservation maybe. I’ve done that in the past.