Kali River Rapids Closing Feb. 7, 2019 for refurb all month

My Touring Plan says it can’t use the Kali River Rapids FP+ because it’s scheduled to be closed on Feb. 5. But I called Disney to confirm and try to change my FP+. Disney says, NO. KRR will be closing Feb 7 for the entire month, for refurbishment.
Never been to AK, and wondering anyway whether it might be too cold to ride that day. But I guess you don’t really know until the weather report.

Do you mean January? Every schedule I see says it closes January 7th?

If you have ever been on a similar type of raft ride, you will be disappointed by KRR. It’s short, unexciting, and doesn’t even have much to look at. It feels like half a ride - which is appropriate because it is half a ride; in the original plans, a large portion of what is now the Maharajah Jungle Trek was supposed to be part of an Asian jungle raft ride - a parallel to KS. But when the original AK budget was slashed we got what’s now in AK; a very nice walking trail and a very mediocre raft ride.


I’m on the phone now waiting for Disney. I’ve had so many glitches with this experience. They still can’t link my hotel reservation. And they gave me a fast pass for something which is likely not open that day. If my hotel were linked, I could just change the Fast Pass, but it’s not. Oy.

I think the CM you spoke to may have made a mistake. I originally had FPP for Kali for 2/5 (maybe I’ll see you there!) and Disney changed it to Dinosaur because Kali won’t be open. They sent an email and I confirmed on the phone.

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Late getting back here to this thread. YES, definitely closed when we are there!