Kali River Rapids Closed in March?

Hey everyone
I’m trying to book my FP+ for Kali River Rapids for the second week of March. When trying to book it, MDE says that it is closed for refurbishments that date. Every site I’ve checked says it’s only closed until February. TP also says there are FP available those days, but some people have clearly gotten some. Thoughts?

Kenny the pirate has just announced refurb extended to March 19th.

We have kids, 6 and 4. First flights of wonder closed, then boneyard, now kali. Along with all the closures at hs, Disney keeps reducing the attraction without reducing the ticket price. So disappointed!



So why does it let me get fast passes??? I have them for 315 and 3/17…

Keep your fpp just now. These dates are estimates. Fpp were released before they realised that it wouldn’t be reopening. 1 It might reopen early 2 if not you fpp will automatically be reallocated to another ride before your visit.


Disney website is showing opening times for March 18, but not earlier.


However, 4 days ago I got fastpasses for March 9 and they are still showing as good on my reservations. I don’t know if this is an oversight or if they’re letting them stand in case the ride opens earlier. We shall see in the coming days.

I do know that a few years back Small World was supposed to be closed through Spring Break and wasn’t on my plan, but when we got to the park, it had reopened early, so anything can happen. Book your fastpasses. You can always change them later on.

Personally I wouldn’t mind if they closed It for a year and turned it into a ride that was worth waiting for. They did such an awesome job on GRR in DCA.


Just got notice from Disney that they’ve cancelled our fpp’s for Kali on March 10. For a park that many already consider not a full day, this certainly isn’t helping the value proposition. . Boneyard, flights of wonder and now kali.

Yeah, I got the same email, Ryan. It sucks. Then they gave us an alternate FP for Everest, which others might appreciate, but none of my family has any interest in it. If I’d known this, I would have only bought 3 day tickets. Furthermore, I can’t think of any other park I want to do twice, so I guess a half day is exactly what I will do for AK. We’re filling out the time by hitting up the Conservation Station, which we’ve never done.

It’s crazy that we have to look for ways to fill out the day, though; especially at these prices. Oh well, the hot tub will get well used, this year.

I had a FP for 3/17… Would you back it up a day to maybe get Kali??

The fp for 3-17 was also cancelled…

If you have a choice, sure, go on the 18th and get a fastpass. I bet a lot of people will be doing the same. That said, there could be a soft opening on the 17th, if you can’t change your plans, or the closure could go on for longer. It’s anybody’s guess.

I’ve actually only ridden Kali twice - once on my first visit to AK (ca. 2000), and again on my last trip (2014) - to see if it was a disappointing as I remembered it being. It was. Unless they do a MAJOR rework/expansion of the ride, I doubt I’ll ride it again. To me it stands as the ultimate icon of what happens when a ride’s budget is drastically slashed mid-development.

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