Kali river rapids at rope drop

Where is the best place to line up for Kali at rope drop? Are you allowed to go all the way to the Asia bridge?

I don’t think you can go past the Oasis, but things may have changed since I was last there.

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Last week they did allow people to a rope just over the bridge from the Oasis to Discovery Island. Here is a pic of it. We were on the other side of it, having had breakfast at TH. We were heading back toward the entrance to put popcorn bucket in locker so as to not have to carry it all day and we encountered a wall of people. So we had a seat at Pizzafari, from where this photo was taken, and waited for them to go by :slight_smile:

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So to respond to OP’s question, if they allow you over the bridge, bear to the RIGHT to get to the rapids.

Just want to be sure you know - you WILL get wet on this ride and you may very well get SOAKED. Keep that in mind. We wouldn’t do it first thing in the morning because it could mean being wet all day. Also, we wear ponchos (and we still get a little bit wet, especially feet - good to pack flip flops for this ride). You could wear “getting wet” clothes into the park and change after. There are lockers right adjacent to the ride which are free for use up to 2 hours. You can keep your things there which you don’t want getting wet, or you could keep a change of clothes for after if you don’t want to poncho up.

Soaked? Yes. We looked like we just stepped out of the shower with our clothes on. Definitely recommend using the free lockers for all belongings.

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On the rare occasion that I plan on riding KRR, I wear board shorts and a tank top for the day; I almost always wear Keens or 5 Fingers. I leave EVERYTHING else in the lockers (camera, wallet, phone, etc). Even at that, I usually do it near the end of the day. There are times I’ve been only “splashed”, but other times I looked like I had jumped off the raft and swam…

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Our touring plans is suggesting Kali River Rapids at RD. I have debated on pushing this to later in the day, but there may be a possibility that we will not have time. I have talked to the kids, ages 4 and 7 about it. They definitely don’t want to miss it. I think I’m just going to brave this one out and let everyone have fun. After all that’s what vacation is all about. The mommy in me is going to make everyone wear ponchos and possible have sandals on hand. In all honesty the wet clothes would not bother me, but we wouldn’t survive the day with wet shoes.


My kids love it so much that we need to ride multiple times. We’ve had success doing that at the end of the day, but RD is also a good choice. I’ve been just fine wearing a poncho and staying dry, but my kids refuse ponchos because they love getting wet. They also refuse to change clothes afterwards :slight_smile: Are you going in summer?

Yes, we will be at Animal Kingdom on June 27th. Do you usually make them change shoes? I don’t want blisters to be a problem…especially on the 2nd day of our stay.

no, we were in sandals all the time anyway.

We packed cheap flip flops to change into before we rode and then changed back after! :slight_smile:

This was 4 years ago but my son and I RD rapids and got to ride it 13 times before the line got busy. It was fun. Totally soaked but worth it.

We had to exit each time, but we asked nicely and they just had us walk into the line and then back out.

We did use the lockers.

It’s one of our favorite memories. Unsure if we could recreate it.


Agree, wet clothes dry, but wet shoes equal blisters!

Edit: just saw this post was 5 years ago! Sorry.

This sounds so amazing! Its like my DD’s dream. I would totally do this on our July mother daughter trip except we are doing WAT that day and wet clithes with a hatness doesnt sound like fun…

Zombie threads will do that to ya :rofl: