Kadani village savannah view animal question

I have asked on a couple of different boards but seem to be getting conflicting reports. I will be staying at Kadani village in December in a Savannah view room, My DS absolutely loves giraffes and I want to make sure I request the Savannah view that has them. Now one person told me that they room through both Kadani village savannah view rooms and someone else told me they are limited to the sunset savannah only. Can anyone tell me which is correct?

My understanding is that giraffes are visible from both the Sunset and Pembe savannas. We stayed in a DVC studio overlooking the Sunset savanna, so I can confirm (from personal experience) that giraffes are definitely present on the Sunset savanna. Perhaps someone who has stayed in a Pembe savanna-view room can chime in with their experience…?

We loved Kidani Village - I hope you have a wonderful stay!

I was listening to the Radio Harambe Podcast the other day http://www.jamboeveryone.com/2015/08/episode-66-of-radio-harambe-animal.html

They were talking about all the savannah so. I believe they said there is one without giraffes.

I know that the zebras are only visible in Sunset Savannah and I’m pretty sure the giraffes are only there as well. The Pembe Savannah leaves a lot to be desired. It seems more like a mud, holding pit than a Savannah to me. The big thing at Pembe is the okapi and red river hogs.

Overall, I’d still be happy in staying Pembe view b/c I love AKL but I would certainly be asking to be moved to Sunset first!