Just want to verify thoughts park reservations

Thank you for all of the fabulous information y’all provide! Planning a trip for November (staying onsite with DVS points) and just want to verify the new process: I need to go ahead and check park availability, buy WDW tickets for my planned days in the parks and then get secure park reservations for those days? We usually do one park per day and don’t park hop (I’m too cheap to pay the extra). I am securing reservation for specific parks on specific days, correct? And (and this is what I need verifying), I can change those parks at a later time (if available)…it appears that since we will only plan on going to HS one day, that ya’ll recommend reserving HS for more than one day and if we don’t get a boarding pass to switch to another park and try again the next day? If correct, the only risk we take with that is the park we want to switch to (MK or AK) would not have reservations available at the last minute? Am I understanding all of this correctly? TIA for any info!

Yes, pretty much! You have everything correct.

One slight snag is you can’t modify a park reservation. You need to cancel and then rebook. That can be anxiety inducing for some.


thank you! I’ll try to plan carefully and accordingly

:raising_hand_woman: I just had to change one for this coming December. Absolutely fear inducing. But it turned out well!


It is for this very reason that I’m biting the bullet and splurging on Park Hoppers vs trying to change from HS to Epcot one day for our trip in a few weeks. I’m terrified to cancel one of my existing reservations and get locked out of all of the parks that day. :fearful:

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