Just want to add an extra day :(

First world, Disney problems. We had to reschedule our nov trip because DD7 shattered her elbow two weeks before. We quickly rescheduled for spring break since she had already missed a lot of school. Cost us a fortune to change resort and air tickets but whatever. But now that i’m looking at it and thinking about the cruddy winter we’ve had i just want to add one or two more days but because it’s spring break we can’t find flights or rooms. So bummed :frowning:

FWIW: For our trip last year I was trying to add a day or two to our rooms at CBR and wasn’t having luck either. But, I just kept checking a few times each day and some opened up.

Hope rooms and flights open for you!


I agree. Check every day or even twice a day. Things open up all the time. Remember that room you had to let go in Nov? Someone else got lucky and got that room. Just like you, others have reasons to cancel close to their trip, so maybe you can be the lucky one this time.

Also, for one or two more days, look at other resorts for a split stay, if you can. Maybe you always wanted one day in a deluxe. This might be your chance. Or have you checked Swan/Dolphin?

You can also check out off property resorts that are nearby. Not sure if they have WDW shuttles or you’d have to have a rental, but it’s worth checking out.


Are you staying onsite? If you get another flight, just book a different onsite hotel. You have to have your stuffed packed in your room but Disney will move it for you and we found the split stay to be relatively easy. Only thing is tipping the guy who gets your stuff and then tipping the next guy who brings it into your new room :wink:

yeah we are staying onsite at the poly. there isnt anything else available and DH is pretty adamant about staying on monorail. i only want to add 1, maybe 2 days so a split for that little of time is kind of a pain. The big thing is flights coming from Northeast down to Florida. Everyone wants warmth haha

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yeah, we are staying at the poly. DH doesn’t want to move for only 1 or two days at the end of the trip and further away from monorail is a hard sell. We’ll keep trying. it’s hard since flights are totally booked up.

Did you check with MVT?

No, we’ve not used it before and I’m not famliar. We always book right off the WDW site… :confused:

There have been recent announcements, as well, about good neighbor hotels in the Disney Springs area that may serve you well for a split stay.

yeah, I just want one more day to tack on at the beginning or end of our stay so I can sit and enjoy the Poly since all of our other days are park days. I have all my ADR in park on those days so changing one of those days would be a giant pita. So, a split stay isn’t really worth it since it’s where we are staying that I want to enjoy.
Like I said, not end of the world, just a bummer.

Oh I missed that detail. Sorry!

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