Just turned 4 yo on MF and ROTR?

We are going on a trip in December(my mom, myself, and DD4). We are ALL star wars fans. However, MMRR will be open, and I dont know how much my DD4 will handle millennium falcon ride or rise of the resistance. I’ve heard at least MF is participation based, and underwhelming of a ride. I feel like with as messed up as the FP situation is at HS right now, our time would be better spent on TSL or other star war meat and greets or shows. We only have 1 day planned, and maybe 1 evening if we feel like park hopping. I realize things could change, I hope so, between now and december. I’m just trying to get a feel for what is reasonable to accomplish in a day or if I need to push for 1.5 days.

If I was in your situation, with DD4, I’d do pretty much what you’ve said. I would stroll them through SW:GE and that would be all. Are you sure your DD is even tall enough to ride. (38” MF:SR / 40” RotR)

Focus on TSL, MMRR, Star Wars Launch Bay, Lighting McQueen Racing Academy, Muppets, a show or two – including Fantasmic! and various other M&Gs. (Frozen)

You could make a really nice one day TP with this criteria. I see you are going in December. If you are going from 12/1/20 – 12/13/20 the CLs should be pretty manageable. After that is when schools begin their breaks and fall trips

Remember - You don’t have to “do it all” in one trip. This may be the first of many trips with your DD to WDW. Don’t make it a forced “march” to cram it all in. You’ll be stressed and that will stress out your family. Have fun!

Thanks! DD4 should be 40 inches by december. She is about 39 now with shoes on. We were there in September and she LOVED SDD. she is tall for her age.

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I think your plan sounds good.

I just got back last week and HS is a mess. We managed to do all we wanted to at HS given the heights of our kids/what they wanted to ride, but our TP was out the window after 8:30 a.m. This is what we did:

We were up before 6 to get to HS before it opened at 7 am. On MDE right at 7. Got BG 82 at 7:01 am. Didn’t get called to ride until after 1 p.m.

We headed to TSL (with everyone else it seemed). We did ASS, TSM and SDD (with FP) and were finished by about 8:30. I would suggest you do TSM first as the line was insane by 7:20-7:30. My mistake was doing ASS first so TSM had a wait of almost an hour by the time we got there 10 minutes later.

We signed up DS6 for Jedi Training (DS4 failed the initial listening test LOL). We wandered a bit, but there wasn’t really anything else to do as shows didn’t start until at least 10:30/11 and we didn’t get a Jedi time until 1 pm. We decided to head back to the resort for a couple hours to rest and eat. DS6 had a short nap, but DS4 did not.

Back to HS by 12:30 for Jedi. While DS6 prepared for that I took DS4 to Lightning McQueen, which he loved. We walked back to watch his brother. We then did Star Tours. Between 1 and 1:30 our BG was called so we headed over to RotR. Everyone loved it! We grabbed some popcorn and milk and explored GE for a bit. Plenty of characters (Chewy, Stormtroopers, Rey, etc) roaming around so it was fun to just sit and watch.

There wasn’t much left to do but shows (as neither kid wanted to do ToT). The boys selected Muppets (surprising me) so we did that. We had a FP for Indiana Jones at 4:30. We left after that via Skyliner to get dinner at Caribbean Beach.

After dinner I took DS4 back to the resort while DH took DS6 back to Hollywood to build a droid. They rode MFSR after that just before the park closed. They got on at 7:58 p.m. and got to ride with no one else! DS6 had a great time. He loves Star Wars.

I think it is possible to HS in a single day, but it depends on the group. Our family doesn’t have a problem getting up at 5:30 a.m. to get the park to get a BG. I did notice the crowds were a lot smaller even by mid-afternoon (3 or 4). My husband said there weren’t many people at night. I think the early start means people leave earlier, which explains why some of the rides (MFSR and TSL) have lower waits after 4 or 5 p.m.

If I was going to do it again, I’d get a BG and do TSM or SDD (assuming I have a FP for the other). Get breakfast and do some of the rides with low waits (Star Tours, McQueen, ASS) and maybe fit in a show or two. Take a break at 11 and come back in the afternoon around 2. Do some shows, ride RotR, hang out in GE and after dinner do MFSR and more TSL, ToT, etc.

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If you are all Star Wars fans, I’d say go for MFSR and ROTR. My almost-3 DD did fine on MFSR as engineer, ok didn’t probably do her “job” well but tolerated it so her sister and I could ride. My only hesitation about bringing a preschooler on ROtR is if they would be freaked out at being “shot” at; the ride itself is pretty tame but the pretext might be a little scary at certain ages.

Thanks for all that great info with details!! Sounds like you hut most of what we would be interested in!

Thanks! That’s the bad thing about a new ride I haven’t been on to gauge how my daughter will do with it!

DD4 would probably enjoy Ogas. That was a big highlight of our trip over Thanksgiving. I had only booked it for the friend who was traveling with us and had low expectations but the kids LOVED it–my DD7, DS11, DS12. Fun drinks, cool music, and the robot bartender.

That is definitely on our list!

I debated bringing my DD4 with me on MFSR. Ultimately I decided not to bring her on. It was a good choice. She would not have liked the jerkiness of the ride or having to sit alone…the seats are not right next to each other. She like to sit right next to me or my wife on rides. That said, all kids are different.

On my January trip, we brought my ~2.5 year old nephew on RotR, but not MFSR. The individual seat, and the interactive element didnt make it a good fit for him, even though he was tall enough (may not be as big of a factor for your DD). For RotR, we did bring him since he could sit in the row next to my brother and SIL. He seemed interested in the line and the look of everything, but wasnt a huge fan of the ride itself. He’s probably young enough though that he doesn’t understand that a ride is “scary” beyond the loud noises. He didnt love it, but it meant we all got to ride at once without dealing with Rider Swap. Since RS doesnt bring you immediately to the ride (since you dont want to miss all the pre-show stuff), its still a time commitment for RotR. Not as big of a deal to set it up for MFSR.