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Are you doing Wilderness Explorers? You don’t have to get the book at the main station on the bridge to Discovery Island, you can start at any of the stations.


I didn’t know that! That’s so good to know! So it’s the same thing, regardless of which station you start at?


I’m here for it! Following all the trip reports with 2 year olds. Gotta manage my expectations for next month! Is your little one tall enough for any bigger rides? Ours is 1” short for the 38” rides. Shoes might put him over that though, who knows. We’ll see.


Yes, there is no set order, and the WE guides at every station have the books and pencils and can sign you up!


Trying to keep up with you and your son!


Ours is 36" without. I’m eager to see how the shoes boost her. DS5 was the big question. His shoes gave him about 2" and now he can ride FOP, SM, and EE.



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Our first OKW stay was a 2BR and so that is what I have booked for my trip next June. It is an incredible amount of space and really feels like home :slight_smile:


Great idea. We will look for them.

Yes, this. This our first stay in a villa. Since starting to come again as an adult, I had only stayed at POR and AoA. This doesn’t feel like like a hotel room.


We’re back to the room now because the kids started to struggle a bit. But. Much better experience this time. I saw it through a different lens and was looking for the secondary details and soundtrack. It really is a great place. Lots of shade, too, which was great with the warm weather and sun. Saw more queue than I had before and they’re really cool. The two big ones in Asia especially.

Like I told you a while back, I kind of saw AK as a distant 4th. I definitely see it as a peer to the other parks now. I can see I need to spend a lot more time there to appreciate it…would really like to go there with just DW and spend a day.


Boy or girl? What are you hoping to ride with him/her @ 38"?


Boy! He’s 2 1/2. His birthday is in March. He’s such a little thrill seeker that I would try him on all the things! I’m sure he’d love Kali. Maybe even SDD and 7DMT. I think MFSR would be a bit much for him… but I’d be tempted to give it a try.

Your daughter is adorable!!


You may be surprised with MFSR. My 2YO isn’t going to HS with the boys so I won’t be able to try it out for you.


Kids finally settled down for a nap and slept hard around 3:30 after hooting like a bunch of apes (sorry to those of you staying in the next room over) for an hour. We left home Friday evening and slept somewhat briefly in a hotel Friday night, then drove all day Saturday. Then up pretty early this morning to hit the park. They were tired…just took a minute to get there.

After naps we had dinner at Sana’a. DW and I have been making reservations and canceling them for 3 years, so we were excited to finally have kids that could sort of sit through a nice dinner. Food was amazing. Then got to poke around the animal viewing area.

Came back to the resort and the kids got an hour of swimming before we hustled them to bed. No hooting.


Miss Sana’a.

Looks like a great day, hooting and all


Ready for another day of Just Fun.


TT gets a much bigger thumbs up than EE.

Lots of screaming…

Happy screaming!


Now lunch.

Had a waffle but that was gone before I could get a picture.

Then the “beef” in Canada with icewine for DW. That was gone by the time I got back with this:

The middle boys weren’t getting on board with the F&W fare, so we’re heading to Sam Eagle’s. Stopped for this on the way, which they devoured:

DW is with the other two foodie kids in France while I get these two numbskulls a burger…