Just talked to Disney Dining about BOG FP for Nov

Basically no help at all. She said that even though they are disney dining they have no access to the FP information for BOG lunch. So can’t help. She did say it was a test and may be ending. I think that might have been a slip though because she quickly back peddled and said she didn’t know anything. Don’t know if we should take hope in that or not. But as of now nothing - no Nov. FP for BOG.

Has anyone tried to book the end of October since they closed down November? On day 27 I could go in and book a FPP if I wanted to for October 25-27. Once they shut down November I started getting the “no available” message. It does not fit in my plans so I do not want it, just curious. Of course they could be gone but I was able to book July 3rd the night before so it seems strange such a lower crowd time would be gone when a 8/9 day was not.

Think tp blog posted that its moving to one of your 3 attraction fpp instead but its not on mde yet.

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I have a lunch BOG FP for Wed, 10/29. I really wanted it for Sat, 11/1, but they weren’t showing any dates in Nov.

Did you get it at day 27?

Sorry. I don’t know the exact day. I booked it when the offer came via email.

I have one for 10/31; I booked it at less than 27 days because I don’t really want that day. I wanted 11/4, but when I started hearing rumors of problems with November I went ahead and booked what I could get.

Assuming I’m not the only one that backed up into October since we can’t get November, that may explain why the last few days of October seem to be full.

Just got one for the second week of November! 25 days out.


I just got one for Tuesday November 4th.

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I FINALLY got Nov 5th this morning! I’ve been trying since before my 27 days, and I’m at 18 now! So happy!!

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Looks like they are available up to Nov 10th, but I am looking for the 11th at 26 days out.


Sending pixie dust your way @jjt :slight_smile: Hope you get exactly what you want!!

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Wondering if WDW decided against FPP for BOG. Seems several (including myself) are now getting them for Nov

I just booked the exact thing I wanted! BOG 11/9 at 12:30. So excited!