Just spent 42 minutes on hold

But it was worth it! I got my AP switched to option 2, extended expiration date.


I thought this was the default? If not, what is the default?

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It depends if you paid in full or are on a payment plan.


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Oh, gotcha. Yeah, I paid in full.

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I am on the monthly payment, however I only pay $25 per month due to buying a discounted 3 day park hopper (with MaxPass) and applying that to my pass, so it was not cost effective for me to get the payment default, which is to refund me for March and not charge me for the rest of the closure period. I wanted the extension, so I had to call.

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This. You don’t need to do anything to have it extended.

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I wish they would have just made this the default for all the passes.

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Have they dropped the information for getting a refund and I missed it?

Regarding APs yes. There is a link above.

It’s still telling me to wait because I’m a paid in full person. I didn’t read carefully.

The link is for wdw, is it the same info for DL?

I just renewed our passes, on the payment plan. I don’t mind the payments, since I’m not out of work. I really just want the extra days added back on. I was really hoping I would not have to call to do this. not looking forward to the being on hold, but I guess I better make the call tomorrow

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Oh, sorry, forgot where I was…here is link for DL


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I am currently working from home and have been making lots of calls like this (including this one). I just put my phone on speaker and type up my notes, logs, emails while I wait. Good luck!

24 minutes total, I called right at 8 am. I guess there is not a option to continue to pay for your pass at this time, payments will resume when the park opens, and the pass expiration will be extended. I was hoping to just keep paying for it now!