Just Scored BOG for Dinner

Just happened to check MDE for any reservations at BOG on August 22nd. I got a dinner reservation for 4:35:grinning:Hopefully our flight will be on time and we’ll be able to make it. Moral to the story…KEEP CHECKING…


The reservation finder has been a miracle tool for me. It got us 8am PPO breakfasts at BOG and Crystal Palace for the week before you, PLUS a BOG lunch reservation at 12:35 on the 21st!

I’m so excited, I get to eat in the beasts castle twice!

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Definitely try the reservation finder. I have gotten everything I searched for in the past!

When does your flight arrive at MCO?

12:30, the ME to the Contemporary

You should be fine…enjoy!

I just want to make sure I’m not missing something here. By reservation finder, do you mean where you put in a request and your email and it emails you if it finds something? You can only do two at once? I just want to make sure I’m not missing another link. Thanks!

Yes that’s the one.

I just snagged a 1:40 lunch reservation for BOG for our last day thanks to the reservation finder. I’ve checked almost every day since mid-March and haven’t seen anything so getting this was unexpected.

I got one too! Lunch res at 12:35 on our last day, I was so excited! Love the reservation finder.

Woo hoo! Gotta love that sweet feeling of success!! So glad it worked for both of you!!

where is this reservation finder?


Here you go

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The reservation finder is amazing. Congratulations!