Just realizing that I am now an "liner" 4 life

I subscribed to this site to plan our Disney vacation for this year, thinking I would use it for a few months and that would be it. We only go to Disney every 3 years or so, I mean I won’t need it right? :wink: Ok now I am hooked and know I will have to subscribe again, even though our next trip will be at least 2 years away. But I am addicted to this site and the people. You are all so helpful.

Also I now have 2 spreadsheets for our upcoming trip 129 days out. 1 for which park, what days (which keeps changing) and the matching ADR and 1 for FPP planning. I am thinking I will still need another to organize potential QS meals at each park lol


2 years is not too early to start planning. Lol!


I subscribed a few months before our July 2012 trip and have been here ever since! Our trips are infrequent compared to many Liners, but more frequent than they would have been if I wasn’t being encouraged in my obsession by hanging out here every day!


Amen, brother!

When we started planning our December 2020 trip, it was almost 1000 days out. Now, it is down to 622 days, and just 417 days to our May 2020 trip! Woohoo!

Already done:

  • Bought $450 in Disney gift cards (at an 8% discount)
  • Obtained a Disney Visa Rewards card and so far have earned about $300 in rewards.
  • Rented our house for our May 2020 trip.
  • Came to a semi-final decision out our on-site preferences for our December 2020 trip.
  • Bought special Disney underwear! (Yep.)
  • Bought an annual pass for next year’s trips
  • Have budgeted both trips and saved bout 80% of the total funds so far. Funds will be fully available to pay for both trips around August of this year!
  • Made preliminary plans as to which days we’ll be in which parks. (Very likely to change.)
  • And more!

Heh, kinda annoyin’ right? You think this site ends up being a one off and a waste of time and the next thing you know you’re up late at night tweaking a plan just because you can.

Ohhh very much this.


This is my dream, that the next time we visit I have planned so well that I can justify a AP and make the most out of two trips that year.

This time, we weren’t even planning on going this year, then the Free Dinning was released for dates we could all go and one thing lead to another… now I have a new hobby (or obsession depending on how you look at it)


What I like about this forum is it helps me feel more “normal”–lol! I often find myself thinking about which snacks I want to get in which park, whether I should modify my dining reservations for an earlier or later time, the random Disney history fact I heard on a podcast, etc… when I happen to say any of that stuff out loud I realize that not everyone is obsessing over Disney plans the way I do and it is kind of embarrassing!

We are going this summer and I am already forming the idea of our next trip in 3 or 4 years…!


It’s funny because I got a subscription way back when I started planning our Thanksgiving 2018 trip. It expired last month. I just found out that I will be returning to the World May 8-13 for my daughter’s cheer competition. I won;t know her competition or practice schedule until a week ahead of time, and I won;t know which hotel we are assigned to until the third week of April (will be CS or CBR), so I am having a really hard time planning. I want to renew my subscription but will wait until I have all that info so I get the longest subscription possible. If I had known about this trip sooner I could have extended my subscription and saved some money…oh well.


You have found your people!

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Just sent an email of possible plans to my niece who is joining us on this trip. I was annoyed that I couldn’t use acronyms.
I forgot everyone isn’t one of us😀



you did this?!?

Apparently, I missed something.


It’s okay. You didn’t miss much. :wink:

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facepalm and SMH

I can go one better …

I actually add fake trips to my dashboard so I can try out TPs. Sometimes to help someone who posts a question, or check something out. Other times to get notifications of park hours extending so I can let people know (here and elsewhere).

I haven’t had a fake one actually since Christmas. Maybe it’s time for another? :joy:


I do fake trips quite often so I can make TPs to answer a question! Glad I’m not the only nutter :joy:


I do that sometimes to take screen shots of the whole process for people! Wait? We are not the only ones- right?

Edited to say: we are not the only three- right?


Curious what your outlet for discount gift cards is. I hit the BJ’s sale in the fall, but since they closed the non-member loophole, I can’t see what the prices are and I don’t want to pay $10 just to see prices which might not be any good.

I bought them from BJs before they closed the loophole.

You CAN still see the prices without paying the $10. You just can’t buy without paying the $10 now. You do the same trick where you add the membership to your cart. Then you can shop around and see prices. But you can’t then remove the membership from your cart and pay for the items in your cart.

ETA: I should say that you could still do this as of about a month ago…that’s the last time I tried. So, if they have prevented this since then, I haven’t checked.


At least if we are, we’re in good company!


I’m new to the message boards, what’s a “liner”?