Just one ADR, what would you pick?

I’m curious what people would pick if you could only pick a SINGLE ADR for your 6 day trip to Disney, with a cast of characters involving DS10, DD16, DS18, DS22, DIL23, DW and DH.

Oh, and just for kicks, pretend this family isn’t crazy about character meals nor any kind of food that is particularly fancy or anything.

As you can imagine, this family is ENTIRELY hypothetical. :wink:


'Ohana. Nice atmosphere, nice resort, nice view, nice food, plenty of space

That’s not an ADR. I’m not talking about counter service, but something requiring an ADR.

ETA: Oh, I see you modified your response. :slight_smile:

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I would pick Raglan Road or Sanaa. They are both unique, fun, and delicious! I love the performers at RR and viewing animals while dining at Sanaa is pretty special.


HDDR. If you don’t feel like travelling out there then BoG, especially if you are on a dining plan, breakfast is excellent value for a SS credit.

“Hypothetically” speaking, this family will not have the dining plan. :wink:

Teppan Edo is a lot of fun and we don’t have anything like it at home.


Would this family want the meal to help maximize any aspect of their touring, or is it an escape from? Would this hypothetical family prefer to do it on a non-park day?

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Non-Park, Boma at AKL.

In park, BOG – its the only way to see the Beast’s castle


I’m going to guess that this family likes to get a good meal without feeling like they were completely ripped off. With that in mind, my go-to value meal is Yak & Yeti. As far as Disney upcharge goes, it’s not so bad.

If that’s not of interest, one I want to try next trip is Biergarten.

Let’s pretend that we…erm, um…I mean…uh…this family didn’t have any non-park days, but did have time in various days that wouldn’t necessarily be in the parks. So I guess it doesn’t matter.

Hypothetically speaking, you’re pretty spot on.

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I’m good at hypotheticals

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Tusker House - unique ambiance and interesting food. Characters are there, but there’s more to it than seeing Mickey in safari gear.

So a meal for seven people that doesn’t get you a meet and greet or early entrance to a ride or show.
So a sit down meal in the $250-300 range for seven people?
I’ve never had a meal at WDW that would warrant that expense for just food.
Places like ‘Ohana and Sana’a get lots of props but at that charge I hope the meals and experience are amazing.
Looking forward to seeing what people suggest and what you -er, they- decide.

Oh, there’s no use pretending. I’m talking about my brother’s uncle’s nephew’s family. (You do the math on that one.)

I don’t think a show is a problem. Just don’t care about characters.

Did Rainforest Cafe last trip, but really prefer not to do that this time around. Truth is, we may not do anything…but would like to have an ADR on the books as an option. The trip is 195 days out, so ADR time is fast approaching.

If I didn’t care about characters, buffets, or fancy food, I’d probably just stick to counter service. There are some counter service places with decent food for better value. Or something with a fairly unique atmosphere that you can’t get many other places, like Sanaa with the animals or Coral Reef with the fish. Or use the ADR to get a good viewing place for fireworks or a show by doing a dining package.

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Via Napoli? Giant pizza offer the best “value” per person at a TS if that’s a concern for a big group.


I had lots of fun at Skipper Canteen. We enjoyed our food and the atmosphere was fun, but not in-your-face boisterous. Sci Fi is very unique with decent food, and you can only fit 2 to a car so you kind of get a date lunch away from your kids. I personally don’t think BOG is all that, and wouldn’t pay TS price for it.


My family’s only must do is Sci Fi. Not at all fancy. Food is pretty decent. Unique experience. Cool and dark after crazy park crowds. Great milkshakes. Obviously not so good for a meal in which you want to talk to your family. But we’ve usually had more than enough togetherness during vacation. We’ve had quite a few great meals at Disney but they request this one every time.